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100% Natural Wool Glerups Slippers (arv $99) #giveaway

Cold feet about winter? Come warm up with Glerups! Glerups slippers from Denmark are made naturally from the warmest wool and all-natural leather sole.  From slip-ons, to shoes and booties, Glerups come in styles for everyone!

I received a beautiful pair of Glerups slippers. Anyone who knows me knows that I love slippers. There is no worse feeling than that of having cold feet. In fact, I bring slippers along when we go to friends homes for a visit.

These Glerups slippers are meant to be worn barefoot and they still keep the feet toasty warm!

glerups : Mommy Moment

Warm – Glerups footwear is a unique concept based on the idea of using the natural characteristics of wool to its advantage. Unlike most common materials which become cold when dampened, wool releases heat. Natural wool has the ability to give off heat that is five times greater than any other textile fibre, and in this manner, it acts as a buffer against changes in the surrounding temperature and humidity. The qualities of wool become entirely unique when worn directly against human skin; so naturally, it made sense to fashion slippers from this material.   

I have to admit that these slippers are about as simple as they get. They are well made, comfortable and I love the fact that they are natural. They form well to my foot and I love that they do not slip on our hard wood floors.

 Natural – Glerups are made from 100% natural wool. Glerups select wool that is gently washed in soft water, made into socks and felted with steam to mimic the shape of your foot. Soft calfskin soles protect the slippers for longer wear, while also taking the ‘slip’ out of slipper to provide a whisper soft, yet safe, step.

Although my Glerups are a natural grey, I find them absolutely beautiful. There is something about that natural look of the 100% wool that appeals to me. Of course they do have bright colors available for those whom prefer the more bold and beautiful look.

Beautiful – Glerups come in three styles for both men and women. The ‘slipper’ model embodies the classic characteristics of a slip-on indoor shoe. Get the warmth and comfort of on-the-foot 100% wool with the ‘shoe’ model Glerups. The shoe model provides the perfect comfort for colder floor surfaces, and won’t slip off. Finally, for those looking for an all-around insulator, there’s the ‘boot’ style Glerups. The boot offers full foot coverage all the way up to the ankle. This style insulates your entire foot while still allowing bare feet! Block out the cold with boot style Glerups. Glerups also come in a variety of vibrant, earthy colours, making them a versatile choice that will suit anyone’s personal style.


Since wool is all natural, the Glerups are virtually maintenance free…and I love that although they are worn barefoot they do not smell like stinky feet!

Tim Stacey of Tin Shack explains, “The concept of Glerups is entirely unique. They should be worn with bare feet, yet are still able to keep your feet warm and dry. Wool is also a self-cleaning fabric, so Glerups will maintain freshness by simply letting them air out.”

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Thursday 4th of June 2015

I would love the blue ones.

Judy W

Sunday 4th of March 2012

I like the women's slipper in red, I always have cold feet so these would be lovely.


Sunday 4th of March 2012

I would like the slippers to be sold my local Sears store.

Jennifer Lewis

Sunday 4th of March 2012

I like the Women's Slipper, in Brown. Thanks!


Saturday 3rd of March 2012

I like the black slippers. They look very comfy and I have cold floors.