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For Boys 2012

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Switch & Go Dinos

Purchase from Toys R Us from $15.99 to $49.99.

Switch & Go Dinos transform easily between a dinosaur and a vehicle in just a few simple steps!  Switch & Go Dinos come with an LCD screen that allows for customized animations, providing your child with a 2-in-1 play experience.  In the dinosaur mode, pressing action buttons sounds interesting facts about each dinosaur.  There are 7 different Switch & Go Dinos ~ collect them all!

HOT WHEELS® BallistiksTM Combat Cannon

Purchase at Toys R Us for $39.99.

Set up the cannon blaster with a vehicle on top and fire!  The swiftly rolling ball flattens out and transforms into a vehicle upon impact.  When you are ready to fire again, simply roll up the sides of the vehicle to return to a ball form.

HOT WHEELS® Ballistiks™ Vehicles

Purchase at Toys R Us for $8.99.

HOT WHEELS® Ballistiks™ Vehicles transform into a vehicle from a swiftly rolling ball and back.  There are more than 24 different characters to collect.

Guinness World Records® Fact Cards

Purchase from for $4.95 or at participating retailers.


The front of each Guinness World Records® Fact Card features a full- color photo and record title.  The back of the card features the record title, record description and a “Did You Know?” fun fact.   The Guinness World Records® Fact Card sets include 54 cards.  These cards will grab the attention of children and keep them entertained for hours with informative, intriguing and educational content.

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids

Sign up for Free Piano Lessons or purchase additional materials.

ENTER TO WIN (during our December 1-15 giveaway extravaganza)

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids is effective and fun online piano lessons.  You will be able to get every single lesson for FREE without any commitment or obligation!  Just the option to purchase additional materials.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Action Figures

Purchase from Toys R Us.

Each of these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Action Figures comes wearing his signature bandana and incldues 2 Ninja weapons.  The Turtle figures are uniquely made to reflect their individual personalities and differences.

Infrared Remote Control U-Command BAT-POD

Purchase from Toys R Us for $49.99.

The U-Command BAT-POD is equipped with light-up wheels and includes voice and sound effects.  The BAT-POD moves in forward and in reverse with drifting action. The BAT-POD’s movements are controlled with the joysticks or with over 1000 action sequences.

 Infrared remote control U-Command BATMOBILE

Purchase from Toys R Us for $54.99.

Like the BAT-POD the BATMOBILE’s movements are controlled by joystick or with over 1000 pre-programmed action combos.  The BATMOBILE is equipped with a light-up windshield and voice and sound effects.  The BATMOBILE is 10″ long and spin 360° forward or backward in either direction.  Its unique wheel configuration allows for cool side winder, tight and drifting around turns.

 how do dinosaursHoliday Books from Scholastic

How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas and How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah, written by Jane Yolen, make the perfect Christmas books.  In this story  it talks about how some Dinosaurs are just like children when it comes to busyness and anticipation of the coming Saint Nic.  They help decorate and eat the cookies.  They go to bed and rip open presents just like any other child.  In the Chanukah version, it follows the same story line with everything from the Dreidels to his Latkes to the Candlelight Prayer leading up to all eight nights.

Seven the seriesSeven (the series)

Purchase the set for $59.95 from  Indigo, and

Seven (the series), is a Young Adult Fiction series, written for a Grade 5 level and up.  The series is made up of seven books written by seven established Canadian authors with the storylines all taking place at roughly the same time.  That means that the books can be read in any order.

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